Memphis Slim & Alexis Korner


"Two Of The Same Kind (The London Sessions)"



Disc 1

01. Pinetop's Blues (Bessie Smith/Irving Johns)

02. Blue This Evening (Peter Chatman)

03. Caught The Old Coon At Last (Peter Chatman)

04. We're Just Two Of The Same Old Kind (Peter Chatman)

05. Don't Think You're Smart (Peter Chatman)

06. I'm Going To Kansas City (Willie Littlefield)

07. Got A Little Old Mama (Peter Chatman)

08. Rock Me Baby (Willie Broonzy)

09. In The Evening (Leroy Carr)

10. Memphis Slim, U.S.A. (Peter Chatman)

11. Chicago Boogie (Peter Chatman)

12. Sad And Lonesome (Peter Chatman)

13. Memphis Woman (Peter Chatman)

14. Bertha Mae (Peter Chatman)

15. Ainft Nobody's Business (Grainger/Robin)

16. I Love You More And More (Peter Chatman)

17. Frisco Bay Blues (Peter Chatman)

18. Slow And Easy (Peter Chatman)

19. I Believe I'll Settle Down/ Darling I Miss You/ Roll'n Tumble (Peter Chatman)


Memphis Slim (piano, vocal)

Alexis Korner (guitar)

Stan Greig (drums)


Produced by Alan Bates

Original Recordings by Colin Pomroy

Recorded at City Of London Studios, 14th July 1960


Memphis Slim "Rock Me Baby" LP



Disc 2

01. Help Me Some (Peter Chatman)

02. Ain't Nobody's Business (Grainger/Robbins)

03. Fattening Frogs for Snakes (Williamson)

04. Messin' Around (Hunt)

05. I Feel So Good (Broonzy)

06. Worried Life Blues (Estes/Nixon)

07. Everyday (Peter Chatman)

08. Angel Child (Davis)

09. One More Time (Unknow)

10. Blues in London – Parts 1 & 2 (Peter Chatman)

Bonus Tracks

11. Messin' Around (Take 4)

12. I Feel So Good Take 2 (Take 2)

13. Ain't Nobody's Business (Take 1)

14. Every Day Take (Take 1)

15. Fattening Frogs for Snakes (Take 1)


vocal, piano: Memphis Slim

guitar: probably Alexis Korner

drums: probaly Stan Greig

tenor sax: unknown

bass: unknown


supervised by Lee Magid

Recorded at City of London Studios, 27th July 1960


Music Avenue, Blues Boulevard Records, CD (250312)

Relesed in May 2012



Liner Notes