Alan Lomax


"Alan Lomax Sings Great American Ballads"


Side 1

1. Jolly Roving Tar (with banjo)

2. Long John (with guitar)

3. Git Along Little Dogies (with banjo)

4. Jesse James (with Guy Carawan - vocal and banjo)

5. John Crossed The Water (with guitar)

6. THe Boll Weevil (with guitar)

7. Old Shoes And Leggings (with banjo)

8. The Grey Goose (with guitar)


Side 2

1. Po' Lazarus (with banjo)

2. Tee Roo (with Guy Garawan - vocal and banjo)

3. Do Come Back Again (Alan Lomax solo)

4. Darlin' Corey (with banjo)

5. When You Go A-Courtin' (Alan Lomax solo)

6. Buffalo Skinners (Alan Lomax solo)

7. Franlie (with guitar)


Alan Lomax (vocal, guitar)

Guy Carawan (vocal, banjo)

Nick Wheatstraw (guitar)


Collected and arranged by Alan Lomax

Edited by Peter Kennedy and Alan Lomax


Released in 1958

His Master's Voice (CLP 1192)


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