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You can hear more some of the great collaborations.



The Jimi Hendrix Experience ("Radio One" LP 1988 / "BBC Sessions" CD 1998)



(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (Willie Dixon)

Jimi Hendrix: vocal/electric guitar, Alexis Korner: slide guitar, Noel Redding: bass guitar, Mitch Mitchell: drums

BBC World Service "Rhythm & Blues"

Recorded: Acolian Studio 2, London, October 17 1967

Transmitted: November 13, 1967

Produced by Jeff Griffin

This is a terrific track featuring Alexis on slide guitar. There are a couple of more sessions with his introduction on CD.



B.B. King ("In London" 1971)


Alexis' Boogie (Alexis Korner)

B.B.King: acoustic guitar, Alexis Korner: acoustic guitar, Steve Marriot: harmonica, Greg Ridley: bass guitar, Jerry Shirley: drums

Recorded at Olympic Studios, London, June 11 1971

Produced by Ed Michel/Jo Zagarino

This is the very first time that King played acoustic on record.


Steve Marriot – according to his official website:

"Subsequently your Steve spent more time listening to Alexis Korner's record collection - and sleeping on his couch - than coming to terms with any career move."



Humble Pie ("Somkin'" 1972)


Old Time Feelin' (Traditinal; Steve Marriot)

Alexis toured with Humble Pie in the US for supporting.



Rory Gallagher ("Flesh Evidence" 1990)


Alexis (Rory Gallagher)

This is not collaboration with Alexis but the best tribute song to him.


"It was fitting that during one of Rory's earliest appearances on BBC radio he was interviewed by Alexis Korner – a man for whom Rory had the highest regard and to whom he dedicated the track 'Alexis' on his album 'Flesh Evidence'. This appearance in 1968 was for the World Service. Rory was in a particularly relaxed mood, he played some of truly captivating acoustic blues and thus began the mutual fondness between Rory and the BBC which resulted in many live recordings and sessions throughout his long career."

by Donal Gallagher in 1999 from Rory Gallagher "BBC Sessions" album