Alexis Korner

"Juvenile Delinquent"


Side 1

1. Beirut (Sarstedt)

2. Mean Fool (Korner)

3. The Sphinx (Fradkin/Alkes/Rafall)


Side 2

4. Get off My Cloud (Jagger/Richard)

5. King B.B. (Korner)

6. Juvenile Delinquent (Korner)


Alexis Korner: vocals, acoustic guitar (except for track 6)

Alan Ross: electric guitar, backing vocals

Colin Hodgkinson: bass guitar

Adam Sieff: slide guitar

Robin Lumley: synthesizers

Morris Pert: percussion

Tony Hicks: drums


Produced by John Alcock and Damian Korner

Executive producer: Del Taylor

Engineered by Damian Korner


Recorded and mixed at Konk Studios, London, England in October/November 1983

Released in June 1984, Charisma Records Ltd, LP (CAS 1165)


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