Alexis Korner with Colin Hodgkinson



Side 1

1. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer (Rudolph Toombs) 2:50

2. Stump Blues (Big Bill Broonzy) 4:50

3. Stream Line Train (Nelson-Lofton) / My Babe (Willie Dixon) 5:10

4. 32-20 Blues (Robert Johnson) 4:50


Side 2

5. High-Heel Sneakers (Robert Higginbotham) 4:20

6. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Gabriel/Haberschon) 7:04

7. Mary Open The Door (Duffy Power) 6:00


Alexis Korner: vocals (except for 4), acoustic guitar (1,2,3), electric guitar (5,6,7)

Colin Hodgkinson: vocals (4,5,6), bass guitar (except for 1,2,3)


Produced by Serge Loupien

Mixed by Armand Friedman at the studio Solaris

Mastered by Bob Jones, CTS Studios, Wembley

Master tape copying: Sonogravure Studios Paris France/Marcel Rapp


Recorded "live" at La Chapelle des Lombards/In France March 1980


Released in June 1985 Thunderbolt LP (THBL-2.026)

Re-released: Thunderbolt CD (CDTB 2.026)




First issued in 1984 Blue Silver, France, Bootleg LP (BS 3008) titled "White & Blue"





This record was re-issued in 1985 under the title "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"

(Tobacco Road LP, 21041-Germany)