Alexis Korner

“I Wonder Who?”


Side 1

1. Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock) 2:29

2. Streamline Train (R.Nelson) 2:33

3. Rock Me (Alexis Korner) 3:25

4. Come Back (Alexis Korner) 1:48

5. Going Down Slow (J.Oden) 2:16

6. 2.19 Blues (arr.Jelly Roll Morton)  4:22

7. Rivers Invitation (Percy Mayfield) 2:23


Side 2

8. I Wonder Who? (Alexis Korner) 4:18

9. Chicken Shack Back Home (Jimmy Smith) 2:39

10. County Jail Blues (Merriweather) 3:00

11. Roll 'Em Pete (Turner/Johnson) 1:46

12. Betty & Dupree (arr.Korner)  3:06

13. See See Rider (Ma Rainey) 2:33



Alexis Korner: vocal (except for 9), electric guitar (except for 7), tipple guitar (7)

Danny Thompson: string bass

Terry Cox: drums


Produced by Terry Brown

Liner Notes by Terry Brown


Recorded Philips Studios, London, April 7th, 1966 (Track 3,5,7,8,9,13)

Recorded Philips Studios, London, April 27th, 1966 (Track 1,2,4,6,10,11,12)


Original released in April 1967 (Fontana LP, STL 5381)

Re-released on CD by BGO Records in March 1992 (BGOCD 136)





Fontana 7inch EPs



Released in May,1966 (Fontana 45, TF706)

Side A (River's Invitation)

Side B (Everyday I Have The Blues)

Recorded Philips Studios, London, April 7th, 1966




Released in April,1967 (Fontana 45, TF817)

Side A (Rosie)

 Recorded Philips Studios, London in January 31, 1967

Although released under Alexi's name, this recording was actually by FREE AT LAST

Alexis Korner: vocal/electric guitar

Binkie McKenzie: bass guitar, Hughie Flint: drums

Side B (Rock Me)

Recorded Philips Studios, London in April 7, 1966