Memphis Slim


"Rock Me Baby !"


Side 1

1. Pinetop's Blues (Bessie Smith/Irving Johns) 3:02

2. Blue This Evening (Peter Chatman) 6:10

3. Caught The Old Coon At Last (Peter Chatman) 3:25

4. We're Just Two Of The Same Old Kind (Peter Chatman) 2:54

5. Don't Think You're Smart (Peter Chatman) 2:38


Side 2

6. I'm Going To Kansas City (Willie Littlefield) 2:00

7. Got A Little Old Mama (Peter Chatman) 5:01

8. Rock Me Baby (Willie Broonzy) 4:22

9. In The Evening (Leroy Carr) 4:06

10. Memphis Slim, U.S.A. (Peter Chatman) 1:51


Memphis Slim: Piano, Vocal

Alexis Korner: Guitar

Stan Greig: Drums


Produced by Alan Bates

Original recordings by Colin Pomroy

Recorded at City of London Recording Studios, 14th July 1960

Sleeve photograph: David Redfern

Sleeve design: Hamish Grimes


Liner Notes by Paul Oliver


Released in 1965, BLACK LION Records, LP (BLP 30122), made in Holland




CD-released "Rock Me Baby" and more