Alexis Korner

"And ...1972-1983"


Side 1 (1972-1975)

1. Gospel Ship (Trad.arr.Korner/Thorup) 3:36 1972


Recorded at Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco/Island Studios, London, April-July 1972

Produced by Alexis Korner, Peter Thorup, Ian Wallace, Boz and Mel Collins

From "Accidentally Born In New Orleans"


2. Captain America (Korner/John Edwards) 3:58 1974

Arranged by Mel Collins

Vocal: Alexis Korner

Bass guitar: Colin Hodgkinson

Drums: Tony Carr

Solo Trombone: Nick Evans

Alto Saxophone: Elton Dean

Tenor Saxophone: Mel Collins

Baritone Saxophone: Eddie Mordue

Trumpet: Harry Beckett

Piano: Zoot Money

Backing vocal: Peter Thorup

Recorded at CBS Recording Studios, London June-July 1973

Produced by Peter Thorup

From "Alexis Korner"


3. The Thief (Korner) 3:42 1974

Arranged by John Cameron

Vocal & Accoustic guitar: Alexis Korner

Strings: conductor-John Cameron, Leader/violin-John Sharpe, Violin-Laurie Lewis, Viola-John Meek, Cello-Charles Ford

String bass: John Honey man

Recorded at CBS Recording Studios, London June-July 1973

Produced by Peter Thorup

From "Alexis Korner"


4. Robert Johnson (Korner/J.Edwards) 4:11 1975

5. Get Off My Cloud (Jagger/Richard) 5:30 1975

Alexis Korner: vocals, acoustic guitar (4)

Peter Frampton: electric guitar (5)

Neil Hubbard: electric guitar (4)

Nicky Hopkins: piano (5)

Colin Hodgkinson: bass guitar (4)

Steve Marriott: electric guitar (5)

Keith Richard: vocals/electric guitar (5)

Rick Wills: bass guitar (5)

Terry Stannard: drums

Backing vocals;

The Kokomo singers (Dyan Birch, Frankie Collins, Paddy McHugh)

The Ladies (Irene Chanter, Sappho Gillett, Sonny Leslie, Barry St. John, Liza Strike, Joanne Williams)

The Gentlemen (George Caldwell, Alexis Korner, Steve Marriott, Keith Richard)

Recorded at CBS Studios, London, September-December 1974

Produced by George Caldwell

Engineer: Steve Taylor

Assistant engineer: Norma Denys and Damian Korner

From "Get Off My Cloud"


Side 2 (1975-1977)

6. Honky Tonk Women (Jagger/Richard) 2:57 1975

7. Spoonful (Willie Dixon) 6:39 1975

Alexis Korner: vocals, acoustic guitar

Recorded concert in Mainz, Germany, April 24, 1975

Produced by unknown


8. Daytime Song (Korner) 3:47 1977

9. Lend Me Some Time (Korner) 3:47 1977

Alexis Korner: vocals, electric guitar (2,6), electric piano (3), acoustic guitar (7,8)

Jim Diamond: vocals (8), backing vocals (9)

Danny McIntosh Jnr.: electric guitar

Dick Morrisey: tenor saxophone (8)

Colin Hodgkinson: bass guitar

Sappho Korner: backing vocals (8)

Graham Bond: drums

Recorded in October 1976-April 1977 at Foel Studio, Wales/Advision Studios, London/Pebble Beach Studios, Worthing/

Basing Street Studios, London/Island Studios, London

Produced and Mixed by Jean-Paul Salvatori

From "Just Easy"


Side 3 (1978-1980)

10. Hey Pretty Mama (Chris Farlowe) 4:23 1978

Alexis Korner (electric guitar)

Eric Clapton (electric guitar)

Chris Farlowe (vocal)

Zoot Money (electric piano)

John Surman (baritone sax)

Mike Zwerin (trombone)

Colin Hodgkinson (bass guitar)

Stu Speer (drums)

Recorded 19 April 1978 Live at Pinewood Studios, London

Produced by Damian Korner

From "Party Album"


11. Stump Blues (William Broonzy) 4:26 1980

12. I Got My Mojo Working (Foster) 4:14 1980

13. Geneva (Trad.arr.Korner) 4:12 1980

Alexis Korner: vocals, acoustic guitar(11), electric guitar(12), piano(13)

Colin Hodgkinson:bass guitar (except for 11), backing vocals (12, 13)

Recorded "live" at La Chapelle des Lombards/In France March 1980

Produced by Serge Loupien

From "Testament" "Live In Paris"


Side 4 (1980-1983)

14. Wreck Of The Old '97 (Trad.arr.Korner) 3:05 1981

15. Casey Jones (Trad.arr.Korner) 3:47 1981

Alexis Korner: vocals, acoustic guitar(track 15)

Colin Hodgkinson: bass guitar, backing vocals

Pete Sayers: Dobro, Banjo(track14)

Recorded at Satril Studios, London, May 6 1981 and June 8-9 1981

Produced by Damian Korner


16. High-Heeled Sneakers (Robert Higginbotham) 5:34 1982

Alexis Korner (vocal/electric guitar),

Colin Hodgkinson (bass guitar/vocal)

Recorded 20 June 1982 Live at Arbon Festival, Switzerland

Produced by Victor Waldburger


17. King B.B. (Korner) 3:39 1983

18. Juvenile Delinquent (Korner) 3:59 1983

Alexis Korner: vocals

Alan Ross: electric guitar, backing vocals

Colin Hodgkinson: bass guitar

Adam Sieff: slide guitar

Robin Lumley: synthesizers

Morris Pert: percussion

Tony Hicks: drums

Recorded and mixed at Konk Studios, London, England in October/November 1983

Produced by John Alcock and Damian Korner

From "Juvenile Delinquent"


Compiled by Adam Sieff and Del Taylor

Produced by Adam Sieff

Digitally remastered by Chris Blair

Sleeve conceptd by Del Taylor

Design by Quick On The Draw


Sleeve Notes by John Platt





Released in September 1988 Castle Communications 2LPs (CCSLP 192) and CD (CCSCD 192)