Alexis Korner

"Get Off My Cloud"


Side 1

1. I Got Cha Number (Bristol/Reeves) 2:44

2. The WASP (Texas Radio) (The Doors) 2:45

3. Robert Johnson (A.Korner/John Edwards) 4:05

4. Tree Top Fever (A.Korner/J.Edwards) 2:54

5. You Are My Sunshine (Davis/Mitchel) 3:52


Side 2

6. Strange N' Deranged (A.Korner/J.Edwards) 3:32

7. Slow Down (Larry Williams) 2:54

8. Song For Jimi (A.Korner) 3:25

9. Ain't That Peculiar (Robinson/Moore/Tarplin/Rodgers) 3:26

10. Get Off My Cloud (Jagger/Richard) 5:27


Alexis Korner: vocals, acoustic guitar (3,5,8), Fender Rhodes piano (8), Tipple, percussion

Peter Frampton: electric guitar (except for 3,4,6,8)

Neil Hubbard: electric guitar (1,3,4,8)

Nicky Hopkins: piano (1,2,5,7,9,10)

Colin Hodgkinson: bass guitar (1,2,3,8)

Steve Marriott: electric guitar (4,6,10)

Tony O'Malley: piano (6)

Keith Richard: vocals/electric guitar (10)

Alan Spenner: bass guitar (4,6)

Rick Wills: bass guitar (5,7,9,10)

Morris Pert: percussion (4)

Jason Caine: percussion (8)

Terry Stannard: drums

Backing vocals;

The Kokomo singers (Dyan Birch, Frankie Collins, Paddy McHugh)

The Ladies (Irene Chanter, Sappho Gillett, Sonny Leslie, Barry St. John, Liza Strike, Joanne Williams)

The Gentlemen (George Caldwell, Alexis Korner, Steve Marriott, Keith Richard)


Produced by George Caldwell

Engineer: Steve Taylor

Assistant engineer: Norma Denys and Damian Korner


Recorded at CBS Studios, London, September-December 1974

Released in March 1975 (NEX LP 134)



Re-released in 1990 Sequel Records Ltd. CD (NEX CD 134)

Liner Notes


Polydor 2374 117 (Made in Germany) In 1975

Cover designed by Suzy Worth

We acknowledge an image incorporated in the cover design taken from "The English Sunrise" copyright Tony Evans and Brian Rice (1972)




CBS Columbia Records USA (LP PC33427) in 1975



Liner Notes