Rocket 88

“Rocket 88”



Side 1

1. Rocket 88 (Pete Johnson) 7:27

2. Waiting For The Call (Jack Bruce/Peter Brown) 10:16

3. St. Louis Blues (W.C.Handy) 7:55


Side 2

4. Roll Em’ Pete (Pete Johnson/Joe Turner) 5:52

5. Swindon Swing (Colin Smith) 7:34

6. Roadhouse Boogie (Pete Johnson) 7:17

7. Talking About Louise (Alexis Korner) 5:14


Alexis Korner (guitar/vocals on 4,5,6,7)

Ian Stewart (piano on 5)

Jack Bruce (bass/vocals on 2)

Charlie Watts (drums)

Colin Smith (trumpet)

John Picard (trombone)

Hal ‘cornbread’ Singer (tenor sax)

Don Weller (tenor sax)

Bob Hall (piano)

George Green (piano)


Produced by Ian Stewart

Engineered by Mick McKenna

Mastering engineer: Bob Jones


Cover Design: Charlie Watts

Sleeve Note: Ian Stewart


Recorded: concert at the Rotation Club, Hanover, Germany, November 1979

Released in March 1981, Atlantic Record LP (SD 19293)




Sleeve Note by Ian Stewart



re-released as CD in November 2008, Wounded Bird Records (WOU 9293)